Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

This luxurious range has been formulated using only the best, high-quality ingredients to ensure that you see the benefits from the treatments offered. You will see genuine improvements to the skin, cuticles and nails over time and many of the products are also suitable for the body such as our award-winning butter blends.

Our products are not tested on animals.

Our themed products come in 7 choices of fragrance, each with their own benefits:

  • MILK & HONEY – soothing and moisturising
  • POMEGRANATE& FIG – anti-aging and revitalising
  • PAPAYA & GUAVA – regenerating and healing
  • TUSCAN CITRUS & HERB- energising and balancing
  • LEMONGRASS & LAVENDER – soothes and rehydrates
  • VANILLA BEAN & SUGAR – calming and conditioning
  • WHITE LIMETTA & ALOE VERA - soothing and stimulating

The range comprises a range of treatments for:

  • Exfoliation of the skin
  • Skin treatments
  • Moisturisation
  • Cuticle treatments
  • Nail treatments
  • Body treatments
  • Kits & gifts