Cuccio Powder Polish - Acrylic Nail Colour Dip System - Starter Kit


Starter Kit - the most cost effective way to trial the range - contains:

  • 14ml Powder Polish Nail Primer (Step 1)
  • 14ml Powder Polish Nail Base & Top Gel (Step 2 & 4)
  • 14ml Powder Polish Layering Gel (Step 3)
  • 14ml Powder Polish Gel Activator (Step 5)
  • 14ml Powder Polish Brush Cleaner (Step 6)
  • 14ml Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil (Step 7)
  • 14g (0.5oz) Passionate Pink Powder
  • 14g (0.5oz) French Pink Powder
  • 14g (0.5oz) Clear Powder
  • 14g (0.5oz) White Powder
  • 14g (0.5oz) Silver w/ Silver Mica Powder
  • 3 x Powder Polish Dipping Trays

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Product Description

Powder Polish - Acrylic Nail Colour Dip System - Starter Kit

Main Benefits of this system:

  1. STRENGTH - produces a much stronger, harder wearing finish than gel polish
  2. ODOUR FREE - because the system utilises adhesive rather than acrylic monomer
  3. LIGHTWEIGHT - the end result is a very natural looking, thin nail with all the benefits of the strength of acrylic
  4. COLOUR - vibrant colours - choose from pastels, brights, glitters, or French manicure - or apply just clear or original pink for a very natural look
  5. PERSONALISATION - the coloured powders can be mixed to create hundreds of shades - match to your exact requirements
  6. VERSATILE - can be applied over natural nails or short nail tips
  7. EASY TO APPLY - the system is incredibly easy to apply
  8. SPEED - a full set can be applied in around 30 minutes